Breakfast & After School Care

We understand family pressures of working and school drop off so we are pleased to offer before and after school care at school.

Breakfast Club starts at either 7.30am or 7.45am. Children will be taken to their classes at 8.45am. and breakfast is served until 8.30am.

After School Club runs in three sessions, starting at 3.15pm with the first session ending at 4.00pm, next session at 5.00pm and the longer session until 6.00pm.  Parents can collect children from the main school office reception.  A snack / meal will be provided from 5.00pm

Currently we ask you to book via the school’s app SZapp.  If you have questions or queries please email:

Payments are to be made via ParentPay.

If there is no booking then we will not have provision to take care of your child.  Late pick ups, no shows, cancellations and non booking charges will apply.  Please see the Terms and Conditions below.


Breakfast Club    
Session 1 (7.30am – 8.45am) £3.00
Session 2 (7.45am – 8.45am) £2.50

After School Club
Session 1 (3.15pm until 4.00pm) £5.00 (for two siblings £8.50)
Session 2 (3.15pm until 5.00pm) £7.00 (for two siblings £12.50)
Session 3 (3.15pm until 6.00pm) £9.00 (for two siblings £16.50)

Terms and conditions can be found here:

Terms and conditions - Breakfast and After School Wraparound Care WAC 2020

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